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  You've made it to the HealthE Store, finally... look around, get involved and in return I'll help you restore your health and perhaps transform your life.  Perhaps by chance, you are now part of something great.  Welcome and thank you.

  Over the last 30 years, nutrition has become so confusing. I have aimed to simplify it for you here by offering the products I use daily in my practice, the ones I know work, the ones that most of us need to be using daily or at least frequently.  If you don't see what you need or want, please let me know.  In a nod to simplifying nutrition and maintaining an honest heart, I have left hundreds of products off this website that I might recommend for individual care. Just let me know your health goals and I'll help you get there.

  I know that this site looks like a regular eStore. What it doesn't show is over 20 years in education and research and over 10 years in training and clinical practice that went into simplifying the essentials available here. The products here represent the top products from industry leading companies; among the hundreds of thousands of products available today few reside in this distinct neighborhood of exceptional purity, quality and efficacy.  I don't want to sell you on these so I won't try to convince you.  When you're ready, though, I will help you use them to find health again.

  My passion is for helping people restore their health, and transform their lives. I am fortunate to have found a career in it and have acquired the tools to assist the journey.  I need your help though. You need to reach out for us to get started.

                    Choose health, live health, enjoy health.

                                                                                                 ~ Drs. Sherri & Stockton



Happy, HealthE day.














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