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Fascia and Fertility: SURPRISE-ing Results
Surprise! Perhaps not anymore, but she was when we first saw the double pink lines.  Zaidee Josephine Jacobs is the newest member of our family.  She was born quickly and safely at our home with her family as we had planned and hoped.  She is now 2 months old, has Continue reading

The Best… In You, Of You and For You in 2018
Not sure about you, but I am ready for a brand New Year! I guess I have come to love the process of our annual renewal. While I feel all the hype around resolutions is over-sold, I can’t deny that there is something special about this time of year. A Continue reading

“What do the Experts Eat?”, I was recently asked…
It’s been a while but we have been working hard and want to share some updates with you. Jessica, over at Terra’s Kitchen, has been working on a blog series interviewing nutrition experts about their personal diet and exercise habits. So I love this idea!  I love the little insights into the Continue reading

AGEs and Your Second Skin (Fascia)
So I’m going to share my favorite resource for healthfully decadent desserts because I also want to talk about your skin, and your second skin and AGEing. Fascia is essentially our second skin, covering muscle, nerve, joints and organs.  It’s located beneath our skin layer, acting as a deeper inner Continue reading

Fascia Fix Food Plan – My New Book
So, what is your creative outlet?  I feel like we all need one… we need a “space” where the world disappears and we get lost in flow. To this end, if you asked me if I was a creative person, my first response, sadly, would be a fairly quick, “Nope”.  Continue reading

Hormones, Health and Wealth
So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health. ~A.J. Reb Materi In my world, health IS wealth.  It is your greatest asset.  I know you can’t pay your mortgage with it but health is without a doubt something we Continue reading

Creating Health, New Book, A Subaru… and a Cute Man?
Oooooh, yes… the new year… can you feel it? I love this time of year because of the collective actions of setting goals and starting a new chapter with hope and enthusiasm.  I am a strong believer in goal setting and visioning for the future and a new year is Continue reading

Gratitude and Giving; New Year Cleanse
We want to thank YOU. The end of the year is fast approaching and we want to say thank you for another fantastic year at HealthE Coaching! We are so appreciative of all of our patients who place their trust in us in the pursuit of optimal health! So we Continue reading

Quiet the Busy Mind – What I Do.
After my recent blog, A Year of Grief and Gratitude, I had quiet a few of you ask about the meditation practice that finally worked for me.  I have been trying different meditation practices over the years and have never been able to find the right fit for me.  My mind works fast and I Continue reading

A Year of Grief and Gratitude – My Process
A year ago today, I lost one of the most important people in my life, my dear father.  I want to share a bit of my process over the last year because of the gratitude and blessing I feel through it all.  Admittedly, this is indeed part my process and Continue reading